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  • NQ Physio Solutions
  • NQ Physio Solutions
  • NQ Physio Solutions
  • NQ Physio Solutions
  • NQ Physio Solutions
  • NQ Physio Solutions

Physiotherapy Clinic in Townsville

Our physiotherapy, clinical Pilates and hydrotherapy services in Townsville help you recover from injuries and strengthen your body, letting you go back to the things you love.

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Complete Physio Solutions 
in Townsville

NQ Physio Solutions is your local Townsville physiotherapy clinic, offering general physio, as well as antenatal, and clinical pilates. Whether you are suffering from an injury or ongoing pain, our physios are here to help.

Our Townsville physiotherapists are qualified to complete Functional Capacity Evaluations, Pre-Employment Assessments, Work Site Assessments, Ergonomic Assessments, and develop Return to Work Plans.

You don't need a referral to see a physiotherapist. However, if you do have a doctor's referral, we accept WorkCover claims, DVA referrals, Enhanced Primary Care referrals covered by Medicare and other third party insurer claims.

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Your first Physio Visit

If you are visiting a physiotherapist for the first time you may have questions regarding your appointment. We believe proper preparation prior to your sessions results in better outcomes and an improved recovery.

Allow approximately 45 minutes for your initial appointment.  A slightly longer appointment allows us to take a detailed history of your complaint and to complete a thorough examination.  Follow up appointments are approximately 30 minutes duration.

Everything you need to know about your first physio appointment including what to bring, length of sessions, what to wear and more.

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What to bring & What to wear

You don’t need a referral to see a Physiotherapist.  However, if you have a referral please bring it. Wear comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely.

Arrive a little early and check-in

If you’re a first-time client at our Townsville physio clinic, make sure you arrive a few minutes early to complete our Patient Information Sheet.  It’s always advisable to check-in as you arrive, so we don’t miss you in the waiting room.

What to expect during & after

We will take a detailed history and undertake a thorough examination to formulate the best treatment plan for you.  In most cases you will be prescribed a home program with advice on how to manage your condition until your next appointment.

Our Health Care Providers

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Does NQ Physio offer home visits or private physiotherapy services?

We do offer off-site physiotherapy services for individuals who are unable to visit our Townsville physio clinic in person, such as home visits, workplace assessments, as well as virtual telehealth consultations. 

If you have mobility issues or are unable to find suitable transportation to our clinic, please reach out to our friendly team at (07) 4729 0055 or send us an email enquiry to inform us of your physiotherapy needs. We will be in touch promptly to offer a suitable service, whether it’s a physiotherapy session at your place of residence, work, or other location.

Does NQ Physio accept health insurance?

Yes, we accept most types of health insurance claims, including but not limited to:

  • Medicare
  • WorkCover claims
  • DVA referrals
  • Enhanced Primary Care referrals
  • Other third party insurer claims

We request that you bring along the relevant document such as your policy information and details to your physiotherapy session in order for us to help you process your claim smoothly and easily.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to book an appointment?

No, you can still book a session with our physiotherapists regardless of whether you have a doctor’s referral. We are able to process your private health insurance claims via the Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS).

However, there are several instances where a doctor’s referral will be required: 

  • if you have been injured as a result of a workplace accident and wish to submit a WorkCover claim
  • if you are a Veteran and want to submit a claim under the DVA
  • If you have an applicable chronic condition that is covered by the Enhanced Primary Care Medicare program. (Please note that only COMMONWEALTH CONCESSION CARD HOLDERS are bulk billed.  If you do not hold a commonwealth concession card mixed billing will apply at our private rates)

Under the above circumstances, you will need to provide a doctor’s referral before you will be eligible to attend a physiotherapy session for treatment. If you are unsure of whether you need a doctor’s referral, please call our team who will be able to provide confirmation for your unique situation.

Do I need to see a physiotherapist?

Generally speaking, physiotherapy aims to promote, sustain, and facilitate the restoration of overall physical health. There are many forms of treatment applicable to different types of injuries and conditions, and it’s important for you to know what you need help with before seeing a physiotherapist.

There is no strict requirement for attending physiotherapy. If you are experiencing any physical discomfort that impedes or prevents you from carrying out certain activities, it is a potential cause for attending physiotherapy. Some example signs that you may need physiotherapy include:

  • Sustaining an injury that does not fully recover or results in persistent pain, discomfort, or loss of mobility.
  • Having poor posture that causes lingering aches and pains
  • Frequent headaches
  • Poor sleeping patterns
  • Loss of flexibility in joints
How soon can I expect to see results from treatment?

It really depends on the extent and root cause of your condition or injury. Most isolated issues such as a sprained ankle or pulled muscle can often be treated directly and quickly, with improvements feeling more pronounced after about 4-6 weeks of starting treatment. In other more severe cases, recovery can take months or even a year with consistent treatment.

There are a multitude of factors that can affect your recovery time, from the frequency of your physiotherapy sessions to the proper application of self-guided exercises at home as prescribed by your physiotherapist. The important thing to remember is that your recovery will not happen overnight. 

That being said, our physiotherapists will provide you with a detailed timeline and treatment plan outlining your recovery during the initial consultation. This will help you better understand when you should be seeing results, and how you can prepare for it accordingly.