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Pregnancy and Post Natal Physiotherapy in Townsville

Pregnancy and Post Natal Physiotherapy in Townsville

NQ Physio Solutions supports mothers through all stages of your pregnancy, including your postnatal recovery. 

We’ll help you manage your aches, pains and discomfort during pregnancy through physiotherapy and Pilates classes. Our physiotherapists are also here to guide you through your postnatal journey as your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles recover from giving birth.

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy including softening of ligaments and connective tissue which supports your joints, centre of gravity changes and increased pressure on the pelvic floor due to your growing baby. This can cause symptoms such as pelvis and back pain, urinary incontinence and pelvic floor pressure or heaviness. 

Some women may experience bladder, bowel and pelvic floor changes after giving birth. Some concerns can include incontinence, a feeling of heaviness or pressure in the vagina, pain with intercourse or aches and pains around the pelvis and low back.

Physiotherapy is recommended for all women postnatally, especially those experiencing pelvic concerns.  Your Physiotherapist will provide exercises and advice to help you return to your usual activities.

NQ Physio Solutions in Townsville helps mothers have a more comfortable pregnancy and postnatal experience through physiotherapy. The exercises will strengthen and stabilise your muscles to help ease any side-effects you may experience during pregnancy, such as lower back pain, pelvic floor concerns or loss of bladder and bowel control. 

Physiotherapy During Pregnancy

Your physiotherapist will assess, treat and provide you with advice and exercises to help get you through your pregnancy more comfortably. The hormonal and postural changes during pregnancy can contribute to low back, pelvis, hip, leg and foot pain.  The softening of ligaments to prepare your body for birth and the swelling associated with pregnancy can also contribute to these areas of pain as well as wrist and hand symptoms.

Pilates is also beneficial during pregnancy. Many pregnant women become less active due to body aches or general discomfort. Pilates is a low-impact physical activity and is safely guided by a Physiotherapist making it a suitable exercise during pregnancy. Simple movements can keep your muscles strong and flexible during your pregnancy, which can make labor and delivery easier. 

Postnatal Physiotherapy in Townsville

Postnatally, our physiotherapists assist you with the recovery of your pelvic floor, abdominal muscle separation, and any aches and pains arising from breastfeeding or carrying your little one. We also provide exercise classes to correct your posture, which may have changed after carrying a baby.

We’ll do a thorough assessment to pinpoint other problems in your body caused by pregnancy. This will help us come up with a physiotherapy treatment plan to further assist with your recovery, letting you get back to doing the things you love.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about postnatal physiotherapy or during pregnancy. Contact us by calling 07 4729 0055 or emailing [email protected].

Online Antenatal Education Course - supporting your body through pregnancy and early postpartum.

NQ Physio Solutions offers online educational courses about antenatal and postnatal care. These will help you take better care of yourself as your body undergoes changes. Check out our schedule below.

3 x 45 minute sessions - $30 introductory fee - presented by Physiotherapist, Jenny Hodkinson.

Friday 15th May 5:45pm - Session 1:  Your pelvic floor - pregnancy, birth and postnatal

Friday 22nd May 5:45pm - Session 2:  Musculoskeletal system - back care, pelvic girdle pain, managing abdominal separation.

Friday 29th May 5:45pm -  Session 3:  Exercise, mental health and self care

All sessions online via Zoom meeting.  Partners welcome.

For bookings contact the clinic on 4729 0055.

Your Local Physiotherapist in Townsville

Pregnancy is a sensitive period for your body, so it’s crucial to listen to what it needs. Our physiotherapists will help you determine what your body needs, giving you a more comfortable experience during and after pregnancy. We’ll assess your current condition and prescribe exercises that are suited to your individual needs, making sure to keep you and your baby safe during your physiotherapy sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pilates Safe for the Baby?

It’s perfectly safe for your growing baby. Pilates is a low-impact workout that focuses on improving your strength and flexibility. It alleviates any muscle aches and can help with labour and delivery. Many women safely continue pilates throughout their pregnancy, with some modifications as you enter the second and third trimesters.

How Long Does It Take for My Body to Recover From Giving Birth?

Postpartum recovery varies for each individual depending on your pregnancy and birth. It may take 6 weeks or longer before you feel comfortable returning to your usual activities. Engaging in low-impact exercises can help you regain control over your body, letting you return to your regular routine.

Why should I see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist postnatally?

Your Physiotherapist will screen for common complaints post pregnancy.  They will check pelvic floor and abdominal muscle function and provide you with advice and exercises to return to activities and exercises that you enjoy.  Even if you feel you have had an uncomplicated recovery, your Physiotherapist can provide you with advice to prevent concerns arising in the future.

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