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General Physiotherapy

General Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are first-contact healthcare providers. Physiotherapy can help you manage your injuries or health concerns to allow you to do the things you love.

Depending on your individual concern we can provide treatment and advice to help to reduce and manage your pain, improve the way your body moves, guide your return to work or sport after an injury and educate you on ways that you can ultimately avoid or reduce the risk of problems in the future.

There are a number of different modalities our physiotherapists may use to help manage your condition. These treatment techniques may include manual therapy (joint mobilisation), myofascial or trigger point release, dry needling, sports or dynamic taping (rocktape / kinesio tape), therapeutic exercise or pilates.

The Physiotherapists at NQ Physio Solutions are highly qualified, experienced therapists who have worked in a range settings to bring you the best possible care.

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