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Pelvic Pain Conditions

Physiotherapy can help with a range of pelvic pain conditions including:

  • Musculoskeletal pain associated with the spine, hips and pelvic joints
  • Painful conditions associated with the pelvic organs- bladder, bowels and reproductive organs
  • Painful intercourse or difficulty using a tampon or having a PAP smear.
  • Coccyx (tailbone) pain

Many of these conditions can be quite distressing and have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. Sometimes it can take a while to get a diagnosis so many people suffer for a long period of time before they come to see us. Physiotherapy can help to understand your condition and the things that might be contributing to your pain. We will complete a comprehensive assessment and work closely with your doctor or specialist. Sometimes it may be that your pelvic floor muscles are holding too much tension and need to learn to relax or there could be tension or weakness of muscles surrounding the low back, abdominals or hips. You may need retraining in normal movement and posture. Your physiotherapist will provide you with individualised advice and exercises to help.