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Persistent Pain Management

Persistent Pain Management

Pain is a truly interesting concept.  Like emotions, it is purely individual to a person. 

Pain can be hard to describe at times and everyone will have a unique experience, even if they have a similar injury. But, why is that? There have been great leaps forward in pain science over the last decade and we are beginning to understand its mechanisms more than ever. We now know that pain is signal that is designed to alert our bodies to potential tissue damage but there is no direct link to the amount of pain we can experience to the amount of damage that may occur.

Treatment for Persistent pain includes:

  • Thorough assessment of your condition and current functional levels
  • Education is a key component on managing your persistent pain, this includes:
  • Understanding your pain
  • Managing flare ups
  • Goal setting and Pacing
  • Hands on manual therapy to assist lowering pain levels, when required
  • Introduction of gentle movement and exercise to assist in helping you return to activities that matter to you most
  • Regular contact with your relevant treatment team and support networks