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Physiotherapy for Men’s Health

Physiotherapy for Men’s Health

Problems with pelvic floor muscles, bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain and sexual health are not only limited to women. Men can experience them too. 

These conditions are common and may occur gradually over time or brought on suddenly. Poor bladder or bowel habits, prostate enlargement and prostate cancer surgery are some common causes. Men often put off seeking treatment for these issues because they are too embarrassed to seek help or they are unaware that there are available treatments.

Many pelvic floor issues can be treated through physiotherapy. Although it may seem embarrassing to talk about your problem at first, a physiotherapist will help you feel at ease and accurately assess your health problem. They’ll ask questions and assess you to determine the cause of your symptoms, so they can come up with a treatment plan designed for your needs. Your physiotherapist will also work in conjunction with your GP, Urologist or other medical specialist.

At NQ Physio Solutions, we offer men’s health physiotherapy, focusing on injury, pre and post surgery rehabilitation and pelvic health. We help to regain optimal function of your pelvic muscles, improve bladder and bowel habits and to improve your quality of life.

Our men’s health physiotherapy often touches on the following aspects:

Post Prostate Surgery Health

Pelvic floor training pre and post prostatectomy has been shown to speed up the rate of regaining continence post-operatively.  Your Physiotherapist will work with your Urologist and help you to regain continence and sexual function as well as guide your return to usual activities and exercise.

Bladder and Bowel Control

We’ll assess your condition to determine the cause of your bladder and bowel problem. Then, our pelvic floor physiotherapists will establish a treatment plan based on the findings. You’ll develop habits and techniques to help you control your bladder and bowel functions.

Sexual Health

There are a range of factors that can influence sexual function. Pelvic floor exercises can strengthen your muscles in that area and may help to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

General Health

Men’s health physiotherapy isn’t only for rehabilitation and treatment. It can also build your strength and flexibility. Physiotherapy combined with Pilates can improve your balance, mobility, movement, posture and stamina. The exercises can help in injury prevention and keep your body healthy even as you age.

Your Local Physiotherapist in Townsville

At NQ Physio Solutions, we listen to what your body needs. Our men’s health physiotherapists will take the time to assess your body’s condition to determine the best treatment plan for you. Whether you’re dealing with a pelvic problem or just want to work on your overall well-being, we’re here to guide you in achieving your goals, increasing your quality of life.

We’d be happy to answer to any question you have about men’s health physiotherapy.
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