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Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment

Each sport has its own unique physical requirements which may relate to strength, power, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. 

The nature of some sports may make certain injuries more common than others, for example ankle sprains in basketballers or lower limb stress fractures in runners.  In order to successfully return to sport after injury, it is important that your treatment is focused on preparing your body for the specific attributes of your chosen sport. 

NQ Physio Solutions offers sports injury treatment in Townsville and also offers athlete screenings, injury prevention programs and recovery advice. Following a detailed assessment, we will provide feedback, education and a management plan to reduce the risk of injury and to maximise your performance. Our sports injury specialists have expert knowledge of how an athlete’s body moves and operates. This allows us to customise a treatment or preventive plan according to your body’s needs, improving your game and protecting you against injuries. 

Our specialists are also experienced with sports injury rehabilitation, ensuring your recovery, managing pain and preventing relapses.

Sports Injury Treatment

Early intervention is critical when treating sports injuries.  At NQ Physio Solutions, our goal is to get back on the field as quickly and as safely as possible.  We will provide an accurate assessment and diagnosis of your injury and formulate the best treatment approach for recovery.

We will make sure that even if you have to spend some time on the sidelines, you can maintain your fitness and general strength and conditioning with advice on cross-training and encourage you to maintain as much activity as possible.

Every injury is different and there is no one size fits all approach.  At NQ Physio Solutions we understand this and will tailor your program to your individual needs.  As you near the end of your rehabilitation, we will use physical testing to assess whether you have returned to full function and to decide when you are ready to safely return to sport.

Returning to your normal high-intensity lifestyle when your body hasn’t fully recovered can cause re-injury or chronic injury. We will guide and support you throughout your journey to full recovery to safely and confidently to prevent that from happening.

NQ Physio Solutions treats the following injuries and conditions:

  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Wrist, hand and finger injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries 
  • Back and neck pain
  • Bursitis
  • Groin injuries
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation

Conditioning and Injury Prevention

We perform screenings and assessments to determine how your body can move more efficiently and safely during sports. We’ll identify injury risks and customise exercise programs according to your body’s needs. Our specialists will also address any muscle weakness or tightness that prevent you from achieving peak performance.

We can help you improve your physical strength, maximise your range of movement, mind-body connection, and flexibility and coordination. These help prevent injuries and improve your performance in your sport of choice.

Your Local Sports Injury Treatment in Townsville

At NQ Physio Solutions, we listen to what your body needs. Our physiotherapists will take time to thoroughly assess your body’s condition. We’ll listen to your goals as an athlete and how you want to change the way you play. We’ll use this information to develop the best sports physiotherapy plan for you, helping you reach your body’s full potential and unlock your peak performance.

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