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Workplace and Home Physiotherapy Visits

Workplace and Home Physiotherapy Visits

NQ Physio Solutions offers off-site physiotherapy services for those who can’t visit our clinic. This is ideal for people with mobility and transport issues.

Home Physiotherapy Visits

Our at-home physiotherapy services are most beneficial for the following situations:

  • Patients recently discharged from the hospital e.g. post-op total knee / hip replacement
  • Seniors with mobility issues
  • People with disability

Private Physiotherapy Service

NQ Physio Solutions also offers physiotherapy services for corporate clients. We provide workplace assessments, return to work plans and employee education on topics such as injury prevention and manual handling. 

NQ Physio Solutions is an accredited WorkHab Functional Capacity Evaluation Assessor.  We provide a comprehensive assessment to appropriately review functional abilities to assist in providing detailed workplace restrictions and successful return to pre-injury work duties.  WorkHab Functional Capacity Evaluations provide clarity about the employee's ability to complete physical tasks within the workplace and removes the ambiguity of "light-duties".  Functional Capacity Evaluations can be completed at our Clinic or at the workplace.

Our Physiotherapists are experienced with working with athletes and sporting teams as well. We can provide sports coverage and physiotherapy services for your team or event. Our Physiotherapists focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation, recovery and strength and conditioning exercises that can improve your performance. 

Telehealth Physiotherapy

Our telehealth physiotherapy is ideal for those in the community who can’t come to our clinic due to mobility, transport or scheduling constraints. Patients can get consultations and assessments by using their computer, smartphone or other devices.

Telehealth is also helpful for patient education. Education is an essential component of physiotherapy. It makes sure that the patient establishes habits, techniques and a routine that pushes them on the journey toward recovery.

For enquiries about our telehealth, private and home physiotherapy services, leave us a message below or call us at (07) 4729 0055.

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