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Physiotherapy for Lymphoedema

Physiotherapy for Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a condition where protein-rich fluid accumulates in a region of the body due to reduced function of the lymphatic system. 

There is not necessarily an increase in lymphatic fluid production, but rather the lymphatic system does not operate at a level that is adequate to cope with the normal lymphatic load.

The function of the lymphatic system may be due to a congenital variation in the lymphatic system when it is formed and this is called Primary Lymphoedema.  Secondary lymphoedema occurs after trauma to the lymphatic system, commonly post-surgery where lymphatic vessels may have been damaged or lymph nodes directly removed as part of management for cancer.  Radiation therapy may also have an effect on the function of the lymphatic system in the treated area.

Physiotherapist Cat Lansky is a Level 2 ALA accredited lymphoedema therapist.  Lymphoedema management may include education, manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, the prescription of compression garments and the use of exercise both to assist management and also to reduce the risk of developing lymphoedema.  In particular, exercise has a continually growing evidence base for its benefits on both lymphoedema and cancer rehabilitation. 

For assistance with lymphoedema management or to undertake a supervised exercise program contact us or book online to arrange an appointment.

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