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The Health Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Pilates has recently gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. Many have taken to practising the low-impact exercise as an alternative or complimentary to other types of workouts. The fitness system uses slow and precise movements to improve the body’s posture, core, flexibility and stability.

Clinical Pilates combines these exercises with physiotherapy to treat different types of injuries. This type of Pilates has gained its own following. Many people take part in clinical Pilates classes even when they’re not injured. Its popularity is mostly due to the health benefits it provides.

How Clinical Pilates Improves Physical Health

By incorporating physiotherapy into workouts, people who practice clinical Pilates acquire more health benefits. Aside from keeping them active and helping them stay fit, these additions allow them to learn more about their bodies. Discover the health benefits of clinical Pilates to see if it’s the workout for you.

Clinical Pilates Corrects Posture

Your posture plays a role in your health, from improving your strength to preventing injuries. As an exercise that focuses on stability, control and balance, clinical Pilates can effectively correct your posture. The physiotherapist will identify what’s causing your bad posture and address them during your workouts.

Clinical Pilates Enhances Flexibility

Most people lead sedentary lifestyles these days, which leads to poor flexibility and weak muscles. Clinical Pilates addresses these by working out your joints and muscles. Over time, you will gain better flexibility while building your strength and endurance.

Clinical Pilates Strengthens the Pelvic Floor

A weak pelvic floor may lead to health problems in the future, such as incontinence, hernias, and musculoskeletal problems. Additionally, improving pelvic floor function can make delivery easier for pregnant women. The exercises involved in clinical Pilates effectively address these problems. This workout will improve the function of your pelvic floor and improve your body’s core over time.

Clinical Pilates Promotes Awareness

Completing the different exercises in clinical Pilates requires you to concentrate on each movement. This heightened awareness is something you will eventually carry outside of the classroom. Soon you will be able to identify injuries, or imbalances that may lead to injury and determine if you need to book a doctor’s appointment.

Clinical Pilates Improves Stability

The exercises in clinical Pilates focus on your hips, shoulders and ankles. By strengthening these areas, the workout improves your body’s overall stability and balance. As mentioned, this can prevent injuries as it can prevent falls and improve the body’s biomechanics. In addition, clinical Pilates improves your core strength. It will make sitting and walking easier, preventing muscle strain and other musculoskeletal problems.

Join a Clinical Pilates Class to Experience Its Benefits Firsthand

Clinical Pilates provides several health benefits, whether you’re rehabilitating from an injury or trying to stay more active. Experience these for yourself when you join a class. NQ Physio Solutions provides clinical Pilates classes in Townsville.

Headed by our trained physiotherapists, each class is focused on helping you gain better awareness and control of your body. Our team is mindful of old and existing injuries, customising the workouts to prevent additional strain. 

Learn more about this workout and how it helps your overall health when you get in touch with us.

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